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PPC Profit Generator
Skyrocket Your Website's PROFITS With Keyword-Targeted PPC Content & Your Own 'Intelligent' PPC Search Box!

Let me ask you a question:

What is the fastest, easiest and 100 guaranteed way to monetize your website traffic?

Let me give you a hint by asking you this question in another way...

What is the 100 Guaranteed Profit-Generating Content & Search Box That You Can Add to Your Website Right Now?

The answer is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)!

That's right!

Adding PPC advertising - PPC content and PPC search engine or search box - to your website is one of, if not the fastest and easiest way to monetize your website.

How does the PPC advertising model compare with the famous affiliate model?

Affiliate Advertising Vs. PPC Advertising!

PPC is an online advertising model where publishers/site owners like you make money every time a PPC advertising link is clicked by a site visitor.

Whereas with affiliate programs/advertising/promotions you only make money when a sale is generated, PPC makes you money per visitor click.

Let's compare:

Affiliate Advertising Process

1. Visitor clicks on your affiliate link.
Note: Visitor needs to use your affiliate link as is, without deleting your affiliate ID :)

2. Visitor goes to a destination page, like a sales letter.

3. Visitor clicks the order button.

4. Visitor takes out his credit card and places the order.

5. You make money; affiliate commissions.

PPC Advertising

1. Visitor clicks on a PPC link.

2. You make money! :)

In a PPC search engine for example, results are ranked according to advertisers' bid amounts, and publishers/site owners like you make money when a site visitor (1) searches for a keyword or key phrase, and then (2) clicks a link in the search results listing.

As simple as that!

The PPC Challenges

There are many PPC providers, companies and networks that can provide you with PPC search results that you can make money from on your site.

The challenging questions are:

Which of these PPC companies' search boxes and results should you display on your website.

Wouldn't adding more than one PPC search box to your site make it look cluttered and unprofessional?

Not all PPC providers are equal. Some pay more per click than others.
What if one PPC provider has a $5.00 bid on a keyword and another has a $2.90 bid on the very same keyword. If the visitor searches the PPC search box that displays the $2.90 keyword, you just lost more than $2.00 per click.

Isn't there a way to have only one PPC search box on a website that aggregates and combines PPC search results from multiple PPC providers.

Isn't there a way to display PPC results with the most profitable/highest paying bids at the top.

How can we display keyword-specific PPC content, aggregated and combined from the top five PPC providers.

Introducing... PPC Profit Generator!

The solution and answer to all the above questions and more is... PPC Profit Generator!
PPC Profit Generator is a software solution that:

1. Displays laser-targeted PPC content related to your site automatically, quickly and easily!

2. Skyrockets your PPC revenues using your own PPC search box.

In both cases, PPC content and search results are aggregated/combined into one feed, and displayed from highest (most profitable) to lowest bid price! (PPC Profit Generator offers two sorting methods)
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